Fillet Steak in Wedding Menu

Today I would like to give my personal and professional opinion on one of the classics at the wedding menu: beef tenderloin. He is a regular for many reasons: it is associated in some way with the celebrations and luxury has a taste and texture that are pleasing to most, it is one of those […]

Color Black Calla Lily for Wedding Decoration Idea

Wedding decoration is a very important thing to adorn a wedding party event. Flowers have become a part and parcel of the beauty of the decoration of the wedding. Flowers served as a trimmer t to decorate, that provide beauty and elegance of the bride. Flowers can be used and commonly used to decorate the […]

Fantastic Dance Floor Rental For Your Phat Wedding

To en live your wedding party nowadays there is an amazing dance floor rental that can make your wedding more special. This dance floor rental can make your wedding party last all night long and turn your guests into a dancing fool. The dance floor rental will add value for your wedding and make it […]